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Who Knew Tea Was So Healthy? Learn Four Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a beverage that is consumed by millions of people across all planets because it is known as one of nature’s greatest drugs. It comes from the dried out leaves, stalks, and stems of plants, and water is added to make it a beverage. It can be consumed as a hot or cold drink as well as plain of sweetened, depending on what you add to it. Some of the most mainstream varieties are green tea, chamomile, and white tea, but there are hundreds of other varieties. Here are four health benefits of tea to help motivate you to add it to your day.

Tea helps to fight cavities. Polyphenols in tea inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, which is a leading cause of tooth decay. It also has fluoride in it, which is a well known cavity fighter.

It can help your skin glow. Tea is filled with something called antioxidants. These antioxidants are beneficial for your skin because they can slow down the aging process. This is done because antioxidants destroy free radicals- the major cause of cell degeneration.

It can reduce your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure. Studies are beginning to show that tea can cut down your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Studies have shown that consuming tea daily can cut down hypertension by almost half. Just one cup a day is enough to enjoy better cardiovascular health. Tea can also help lower stress and put you in a better mood. Studies have shown that it relaxes the body and mind. This is important because most of us live a very stressful life, which is bad for the body and overall health.

These are just four benefits of drinking tea and there are still many others. Find a type that you like and try to drink some daily. You can brew it in the morning and replace your morning cup of coffee or drink a cold glass of iced tea with lunch or dinner. You can feel good when you drink it because it tastes great and it is very beneficial for your health.

The author of this article has been writing online for four years now. Not only does she enjoy writing about health and fitness, but she also helps families obtain inexpensive life insurance by providing free quotes for term life.

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