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Some General Advice On Eliminating A Few Pounds

Over the last five months, I’ve lost 23 pounds, and I plan on continuing to lose more. I managed to achieve such significant weight loss by making some simple changes to my lifestyle and moving towards a healthier outlook. This is the largest amount of weight I’ve lost at one time, and it’s also the longest amount of time I’ve stuck with a single diet, so I’m quite proud of myself.

I think that it’s much easier to stick with my new lifestyle this time around since I can actually feel the difference that it makes in my health. These benefits have also led me to believe that I’ll be able to continue the lifestyle for quite a while. Here are a few things I’ve done that have certainly helped me live a healthier lifestyle. They can just as easily help you as well.

To begin with, I’ve cut artificial sugars out of my diet completely. Cane sugar is off-limits as well, so the only sugar I’m eating is coming from fruits and vegetables.

High fructose corn syrup is first on the list of sweeteners that I make sure to avoid. Many believe that this substance can lead to weight gain as well as diabetes.

You might think that you can avoid this substance by cutting out soda, but it’s found in many other common foods. Check the nutrition labels of your bread and ketchup, and you might be surprised to find high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients list.

My regular exercise schedule has also helped tremendously. I’m now running five days per week, constantly increasing the distances and running them in a shorter amount of time. My body needed time to adjust to this rigorous schedule, but I now feel great after a run and it certainly helps in burning calories as well.

Lastly, I’ve stopped drinking diet sodas. I’ve been seeing more and more research suggesting that they can actually be quite counterproductive for people trying to lose weight, even though they typically contain less than 5 calories.

It’s believed that the sweeteners are diet sodas actually fool your brain into thinking that you’ve just consumed a large quantity of sugar. When this happens, it causes your body to store fat in the same way that it does after a large intake of sugar. It’s always a good bet to choose a glass of water over a diet soda, even if it seems to be harmless.

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