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Growing Concerns About Anorexia And Losing Weight

Anorexia is a mental disorder experience mostly by women who have distorted mental picture of them as well as an intense fear of gaining weight. It creates obsessive thoughts of losing weight despite their being severely underweight. This causes unhealthy adaptation to lifestyle homeostasis that mainly affects losing weight that could lead to further complications.

Media, despite numerous of attempts to offset by minority activists, continues to endorse the stereotyped vision of beauty – the under size 2 women. It has been a major issue in society and is still continuing to wage a battle between health critics. The majorities affected by this mentality are those from the teen age group and sadly have reached under the school age. This is the time when girls, according to Erik Erikson (a famous Psychologist and Psychoanalyst), are struggling between industry versus inferiority (school age) and identity versus role confusion (adolescents). They are most vulnerable to adapt what is accepted and fear out of place – struggling who they are in life.

Losing weight can be integrated into these vulnerable age groups or women in general as obesity is another major health problem rising in Western continents. But it should be specific into a healthier inclination. Remember that losing weight has a very thin line on getting two extreme eating disorders. Key element is the right kind of food to eat. A healthy balanced diet is an effective and a stepping stone to losing weight. The food pyramid is an essential guide to your goals – lots of vegetables and fruits, small amount of protein and complex carbs with minimal fats, added with adequate exercise, you can achieve losing weight as fast as you might notice!

Scratch off “yo-yo” dieting, it can create problems with your metabolism and might even lead to serious illness. Always look around for healthy ways of losing weight before fixing on drastic and deadly ways of losing weight. Planning is an important element in your problem.

You create short term and long term goals that is achievable by you! Remember that there are no magic in losing weight, it takes time. Set in mind your goals and priorities. It will take discipline and dedication, nevertheless it is attainable.

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