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Can You Get Thin Arms By Increasing Testosterone?

Are you learning how to get thin arms? If so, testosterone isn’t just for men looking for muscles, it also plays a vital role in the female body.

Now most women equate testosterone with huge muscles. And while testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, it also plays a major role in arm fat loss.

One more thing, the female body has up to 60 times LESS testosterone than the male body. Thus, it’s virtually impossible for you to end up looking like a man with bulging muscles by merely increasing your natural production of this hormone!

So without further ado, here is how to get thin arms by increasing testosterone:

1. Get your zzzz’s. In addition to stabilizing your mood and a million other things, sleep lets your body produce high amounts of testosterone. And the majority of it is produced during the last couple hours of sleep. So make sure you aren’t skimping here.

2. Eat fat. Study after study has shown that higher fat diets lead to more testosterone production. There is no doubt here. So please do not skimp on the fat if you are really serious about learning how to get thin arms. Just stay away from saturated fat.

3. Resistance train. Again, unless you are genetically gifted, you will not gain insane amounts of muscle. And even if you could gain a lot of muscle, it would happen at a very slow pace. In other words, you would notice it long before it became an issue.

4. Don’t less stress overtake you. Short bursts of stress are fine. It’s the relentless stress that never subsides which should be avoided. If you let stress chronically debilitate you, your testosterone levels will fall. So if you want thin arms, keep stresses restricted to short time intervals.

Testosterone isn’t just for men. It’s a key hormone for the female body as well. And without it, getting thin arms will be very hard.

So please follow the tips in this article so that you can enjoy thin arm success. And remember that naturally increasing your levels of testosterone will NOT leave you looking like a man! Ignore this outdated belief and get the sexy arms of your dreams today, not tomorrow!

Writer Katherine Crawford, a Harvard exercise expert and recent arm fat sufferer, teaches women how to get skinny arms. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her website about bingo wings right now!

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