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How Everyone Can Benefit From Pure Colloidal Silver

Pure colloidal silver is a powerful supplement that has been used by countless individuals since the turn of the last century. Known to cure a wide variety of ailments, it is an effective additive to have on hand. Considered alternative medicine, it comes in liquid form and contains many health benefits.

This product is frequently used as a disinfectant, and has been proven effective as a water purifier. It possesses anti-bacterial components that naturally eliminate pathogens and bacteria. For this reason, the World Heath Organization has placed colloidal silver on its list of natural water disinfectants for third world countries.

Frequently used as an immune stimulant, colloidal silver naturally allows the body to combat viruses and bacteria linked to the common cold. It is a vital addition for anyone who feels flu like symptoms during the cold winter months. For example, adding it to warm tea can ease a sore throat as well as destroy bacteria. This product helps ease discomfort while letting the body use its natural defenses to thwart sickness.

This liquid possesses anti-fungal and antiseptic properties which may sooth skin conditions when applied topically. Individuals use it to cure problems such as acne, cuts, sores, eruptions, and general inflammation. It is a gentle product that lacks the sting of substances such as iodine and is ideal for people with sensitive skin or homes with children.

Due to its ability to destroy fungus and bacteria, the supplement can be used for a wide variety of common skin infections such as ringworm and yeast infections. Directly applying this to the skin works just as effectively as anti-fungal creams. This substance naturally eliminates topical issues without the chemicals or additives found in every day over the counter medication.

This supplement is made of small particles of silver suspended in water or a gel like substance making it easy to consume. Most people add it to a glass of juice or apply it directly onto affected areas. If ingested orally, make sure to read the dosage instructions as they can vary by weight. Buying liquid silver has never been easier as it can be found on the internet or in most natural food markets.

As with any medication there are some side effects to consider. Prolonged use or consuming it in large amounts can cause skin to turn blue leading to a condition known as argyria. Anyone interested in consuming this supplement should start with a small dose to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Excessive use over a long period of time can also lead to other heath issues such as kidney damage and seizures.

Modern day medication contains many chemicals and side effects that can be just as troublesome as the condition they are meant to cure. More individuals are looking to natural resources that work with the body instead of against it. For this reason liquid silver has been gaining growing support within the community.

Due to its anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties pure colloidal silver has created a strong reputation as a cure all. Public interest is growing in natural medicine, so it comes as no surprise that this supplement has become a staple in many homes.

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