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Banana Nutrition 101

Are you mystified whether or not to believe if bananas are indeed unhealthy or if they genuinely do assist in enhancing your health and well-being? When it comes to health, the most essential thing to think about is only feeding on cuisine that is natural and organic, especially vegetables and fruits. Using this train of thought, bananas are definitely essential in improving your overall health. Also since bananas don\’t contain chemicals or any other artificial ingredients, their consumption won\’t cause any harmful side-effects.

Now, where the puzzlement enters in is whether or not to eat bananas because of their calorie content. For folks who are trying to trim a little weight, they think these calories won\’t really help in achieving their dieting objectives.

How many calories in a banana?

Naturally, this will depend on the length the banana. Based on the nutritional data, an extra-small sized banana that is just less than five inches in-length has 72 calories. An average banana is around 8 inches in size and has about 125 calories.

If a proper balanced diet is put into practice, a typical individual ought to only take in about 1800 calories per day. Bananas will provide a little more than 105 calories so bananas will rarely be the culprit in ruining a weight loss diet. The most essential aspect you need to follow is to regulate the number of bananas that you consume in a day.

Banana Nutrition Explained

Should you intently examine the nutritional information for a banana, you will see they actually contain a substantial amount of essential minerals and vitamins. A typical sized banana that is raw, has the following daily suggested nutrients for adults:

Potassium – 8%

Vitamin A – 3%

Thiamin – 2%

Riboflavin – 5%

Vitamin B3/Niacin – 4%

Pantothenic Acid – 7%

Pyridoxal Phosphate-28%

Vitamin B9/Folate – 5%

Calcium – 1%

Iron – 2%

Vitamin C – 15%

Magnesium – 7%

Zinc – 1%

Utilizing this nutritional data, there is no defense to question that bananas ought to be an fundamental component of your diet.

What are the many benefits of bananas?

Consistent intake of this fruit can lead to favorable results to your general health. The higher than average quantity of potassium in bananas contributes a whole lot to ensuring a healthy heart. Potassium helps in improving the regular beat of the heart\’s muscle contractions. When there\’s adequate potassium in your system, your heart functions considerably better.

The large quantity of numerous sorts of Vitamin B assists in maintaining the health of your nervous system and also helps in preventing the deterioration or weakening of nerves.

In addition to the health benefits, they can also offer you emotional and mental calmness. Bananas are known to have tryptophan. Tryptophan helps in the production of serotonin which is a natural sedative that calms the brain and stabilizes your frame of mind.

Hopefully all this info has convinced you that bananas can definitely contribute a whole lot in enhancing your overall well-being.

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