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Exploring the Reasons Behind Why People Smoke

To say that people smoke due to the fact that they are addicted to cigarettes is like claiming that someone drives because they need their automobiles to get around, it is a declaration that does not look at the elements that are associated with it. While most people may become addicted to the nicotine and other chemicals that are in cigarettes, it is not the primary reason that they light up. Read the rest of this entry »

The Facts About Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders are disorders in the sleeping patterns of humans or animals. A common type of this disorder is sleep apnea. This disorder is marked by shallow inhales or exhales or pauses in breathing during sleep, which are considered abnormal. Apnea is the term used to define pauses in breathing. Hypopnea is used to define the slight breaths. An overnight test, called a polysomnogram, can be conducted to determine if the disorder is present in an individual. Read the rest of this entry »
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