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Green Tea For Acne

There are many acne treatments and solutions in the market and many people suffer from acne and are looking for the best alternative to help them out. In my research and throughout the years of having acne personally I discovered that there are many things that effect whether your skin is clear or not. I discovered that diet actually does have a pretty big impact on your skin and that you should take care of your health to get clear skin. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Knew Tea Was So Healthy? Learn Four Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea is a beverage that is consumed by millions of people across all planets because it is known as one of nature's greatest drugs. It comes from the dried out leaves, stalks, and stems of plants, and water is added to make it a beverage. It can be consumed as a hot or cold drink as well as plain of sweetened, depending on what you add to it. Some of the most mainstream varieties are green tea, chamomile, and white tea, but there are hundreds of other varieties. Here are four health benefits of tea to help motivate you to add it to your day. Read the rest of this entry »
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