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The Key to a Successful Juice Fasting Detox Lies in Preparation

Looking to complete a successful juice fasting diet plan? Your success lies in your preparation. Completing a juice fasting diet plan to lose weight and boost your health is a wonderful thing to do for yourself and your body. Having a wide variety of detox diet juice fasting recipes from which to choose is necessary to take your juice fast to its completion. In addition, you will also want to keep close by your favorite tools that aid in eliminating cravings and combating self sabotaging behavior as these are the number one killers of good health intentions. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Diet Tricks: Why Missing Meals Can Make You Fat

Whenever people are overweight, they're taught that restricting calorie consumption is one of the most important elements behind the proper diet. While this fact is most certainly true, frequently dieters take extreme steps of limiting calorie intake by eliminating meals completely. Missing meals, unfortunately, could make you fat in the end. Several biological and physiological factors contribute to skipping meals which, in the long run, restricts your bodyweight reduction objectives and will definitely make you fat. Read the rest of this entry »

The Real Deal on Fasting to Lose Weight

Many Americans struggle with losing weight, and the new trend is fasting to lose weight. Any diet requires commitment and sacrificing the foods you love to get the perfect silhouette you dream of. It is so demanding that people generally search for the plan with the fastest results. There are healthy programs that include exercise, maybe replacement meals and restricted calories. Unfortunately, people sometimes get so desperate they will try anything including fasting to lose weight or synthetic processed supplements that have ingredients they can't even pronounce. Read the rest of this entry »

Lemon Juice Detox Recipe and Important Things You Should Know

The lemon juice detox isn't right for everyone, but it was certainly right for me. Not only have I now lost 33lbs in weight, I have regained my energy and I no longer seem susceptible to every cold and flu bug that passes my way. I feel healthier, happier and really pleased that I decided to give this a go - after much aprehension. Read the rest of this entry »

Losing Weight on the Master Cleanse Diet

The master cleanse lemonade diet, which has caught the mass attention of both celebrities and health enthusiasts alike, has been a common topic among many publications both online and on paper. The master cleanse diet has been the topic of much controversy as to the extremety of the fasting detox diet and its ability to provide massive weight loss in a short period of time. The master cleanse fast has been known to cause weight loss of 10-40 lbs. in as little as a couple weeks. But is there a secret to this weight loss plan? Here are tips to losing the most weight and gaining the most benefits while on the master cleanse lemonade detox diet. Read the rest of this entry »
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