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How To Choose A Good Tanning Gel

Skin color is a factor when finding the best tanning lotion. The product should give a slow tan instead of a fast one. The best tanning lotion protects against the sun and should be made for the person\’s skin type. If not, you could end up with a cream that takes a long time to work and complicated to apply to the body.

The best tanning lotions are composed of the ingredient known as dihydroxyacetate (DHA). The ingredient is basically a sugar available in a lot of skin products. It can also cause a chemical reaction after being applied to the skin. The chemical process makes the outer skin layer, which is called stratum corneum to slowly darken.

If you have light skin, then a product with less dihydroxyacetate is an excellent choice. Making the wrong choice can result in an unnatural tan for your complexion. Also, there is the possibility of the complexion turning orange. If you want a dark tan, then you use a cream that has a lot of DHA. These types of self-tanners are a good choice for darker skin tones.

The options for skin darkening are gradual or dramatic when choosing a cream. Self-tanners can produce natural results and must be used daily. It can take seven days before seeing any progress. There are a variety of lotions on the market for bed tanning that can provide quick results.

Skin type is something to consider when darkening the complexion. Certain products are designed for dry, normal and sensitive skin. People with naturally dry skin need to use one with moisturizing properties. Selecting the best tanning lotion is important for preventing skin irritation.

The bottle usually comes with directions and must be followed by the user. You can start by reading the instructions. For example, the gel may need to be applied to the body five minutes before going outside or getting on the bed. The best tanning lotion will benefit the skin and produce a beautiful tan.

Finding the best tanning lotion is simpler when you have reviews and testimonials online to check out. The designer skin products make your skin soft and supple while helping you tan.

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