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Details About Sunless Tanning And What Is The Way Of Performing It

Sunless Tanning refers to the process of getting a tan sans the sun. This process is much safer as compared to conventional tanning process which has been linked to skin cancer. Certain chemicals are used for this process and these can be applied by an individual at home. The color change initiated by these chemicals can last anywhere between a couple of days and two weeks.

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Products such as lotions, gels, sprays and mousses etc are available in market that can be used for this purpose. These are absorbed by the body within few hours time. Skin at different body parts tends to have different rates of absorption. Hence, the instructions related to their usage should be read properly before starting their usage. Some information on how it is performed is provided here.

Certain chemicals make up the major part of most of these products. One of such chemicals is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Popularly known as DHA in medical fraternity, it leads to providing the skin the required tan. Different skin types have been known to maintain this tan for different time periods. However, the average duration considering different skin types is of around 7 days.

To achieve longer life of the tan, DHA is mixed with erythrulose, another bio-chemical. Their effect develops over few days, but stays for a long time. This time period is much longer as compared to that obtained by products based on DHA alone. Hence, the products that are based on combination of these two remain much popular than the other ones.

To know whether the skin remains fine with these products or not, a simple experiment can be conducted. Get a small area of skin tanned with the selected one and check the results. In case of any sort of irritation or allergy, one should rethink of using the product. If all goes well, one may proceed towards its usage for the complete body. Taking advice from a skin specialist or an expert doctor should be considered before starting usage of any such product.

Spas offer tanning with specialized gadgets. These gadgets include spray guns like airbrush, HVLP spray gun and LVLP spray gun. A spray of the solution is applied on the body of the client by a technician using any one of these gadgets. Most spas ensure compliance with FDA guidelines regarding the spray which is controlled with an efficient controller.

For those who seek immediate tan, temporary bronzers are ideal. The temporary tan provided by these products in relatively no time as compared to conventional tan. This tan stays only for a couple of days and is usually water soluble.

Thus, contact of water with the tan ought to be prevented to avoid ruining of the tan. Apart from that, it can also come off when it comes in touch with clothes. So, the decision about which clothes to wear when the tan is on needs to be made with some planning.

Sunless tanning was never as easy as has been made by these products. With some prior planning and well execution, one can get a good looking tan within a short period of time.

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