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Stop Smoking: What Makes it So Hard to Do

The actual truth of it all, is that virtually anyone and that even includes you, can put down cigarettes and quite that nasty habit in one second if they really set their mind to it. It’s just a fact. In all actuality and in real life terms though, quitting a good long term tobacco habit is a heck of a lot harder than someone who has never smoked, or dipped will ever realize.

The biggest hurdle that leads so many would be quitters down the path of failure and back to buy another carton, pack, or can, is they simply fail to take into full account just how powerful nicotine really is. Would you believe that statistically and according to the actual numbers, nicotine is the most addictive drug on the planet. Even worse than heroin, or cocaine. Sound difficult to believe?

Well it’s true, and in fact most people are pretty shocked when they discover just how powerful this drug and it is a drug really is. For instance, it’s more powerful than either arsenic and strychnine, and just one twentieth of a gram of it is enough to kill a 150 pound man. About the amount that it would take to fill the cap on a tube of toothpaste one third up.

So now you know that if you use tobacco products on a regular basis, you are in fact hooked on a powerful drug. Also it’s only in recent years that scientists and medical researchers have even been able to gain a solid understanding of how it works in your brain. One thing they do know however, is that it functions to increase the output of dopamine which by the way, is the same thing that cocaine and heroin do.

If you are just learning about dopamine, it’s what medical researchers commonly refer to as a “reward brain chemical” because your brain naturally produces it to make you feel good when you have treated your body right. During and after you have exercised for instance, or after you have eaten a good healthy meal. So now perhaps you have some idea of why tobacco suppresses your appetite.

Perhaps you also may understand why cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco are just so difficult to quit and stay away from for any length of time. You see, it’s your brain that has become conditioned to having the nicotine available to help it function. Also now you can see why you get grumpy when you need a smoke, or a dip.

So in recent years as newer research projects have unlocked more of the secrets of how the nicotine in tobacco works to keep people hooked, that same information has been put to further good use. It has been used in yet further research aimed at finding ways to counter its addictive properties, so that tobacco users can then be freed up to deal with the psychological part of their habit.

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