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Exploring the Reasons Behind Why People Smoke

To say that people smoke due to the fact that they are addicted to cigarettes is like claiming that someone drives because they need their automobiles to get around, it is a declaration that does not look at the elements that are associated with it. While most people may become addicted to the nicotine and other chemicals that are in cigarettes, it is not the primary reason that they light up.

If you really want to look at Why People Smoke, you want to look at what cigarettes represent to people. For some, it is something that they start doing because they want to look cool or stand-out; for others, they do it because the stress of their daily life just gets too much. Some smoke cigarettes, others smoke cigars, while others dabble in marijuana and hookah. Regardless of what you smoke, if you ever want to succeed at quitting smoking, you need to identify why you started to smoke in the first place.

If you did a survey of smokers and asked them the main reason why they smoke, a good amount of people would put \”stress\” in their answer box. The interesting thing about cigarettes is that while the smoke really does nothing for stress, the physical act of smoking does.

One of the main reasons why people become addicted to cigarettes is the fact that they use them to take their mind off of a stressful situation. While it may only give them a couple minutes of relief, it is enough for some people to keep lighting up a cigarette, or a joint, when they feel particularly stressed. In addition, cigarettes stop some from \”stress\” eating, meaning that they don\’t gain excess weight when they find themselves in situations where they are stressed out. While cigarettes do a lot of damage to the system, they can actually help with weight loss, at least in terms of cutting down on eating.

Many individuals who start smoking often get into the habit as a result of societal pressure. This is Why People Smoke in their teenage years and early twenties; it enables them to hang out with people, and to consider them to have something in common. Few teens like cigarette smoking initially, yet the reality that it helps them \”belong\” will give them reason enough to continue doing it.

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