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10 Effective Ways To Become Smoke Free

1.Why Should You Stop smoking?

You may have resolved to quit smoking but what will motivate you to do so? Without the will and motivation, chances of succeeding are reduced. List the reasons on paper and go through it often to stay on track.

2. Choose the date

Make advance preparations including the day you will quit. Share your decision with family and friends. You spend a lot of time at work so inform your colleagues as well. Having the support of those around you makes a big difference. They can for instance make sure they do not smoke around you and when you are tempted, they can talk you through it so that you do not give in.

3. Take advantage of Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT

When you have decided to stop smoking, your resolve may be strong and you may believe you can do it cold turkey. It would however not be wise to take this approach. Most of those who take this approach end up relapsing. This is because nicotine is very addictive and the brain becomes completely reliant on it and the body tends to react to the lack of it with withdrawal symptoms. This can be very frustrating and depressing. It helps a lot to use lozenges, gum and nicotine patches. They could even double your chances of quitting.

4. Find a way to deal with the stress

When trying to quit, stress levels will inevitably go up. One reason that people smoke is to reduce stress after all. It may be hard but avoid stress as much as possible. Engaging in relaxing activities and keeping busy such as by taking up exercise like yoga helps.

5. Keep off the triggers

Some situations may make you really crave for a cigarette. A common trigger is alcohol as most people smoke when they drink. Avoiding the pub or social situations where people could smoke can help. Drinking coffee during breaks may also trigger the urge to smoke. Have a lot of water to beat this and to help detox the body. Try to stick to other drinks that are free of caffeine as well.

6.Reward Yourself

One of the things you will notice when you stop smoking on top of all those health benefits is the extra cash you have to hand. In fact why not save all the money you could of spent on cigarettes and place it in a jar. Over time this will be a highly visible reminder of how much your smoking habit cost. Then periodically splash out – you deserve it, buy yourself a special present for your landmark achievement.

7. Keep the weight at bay.

Apart from the difficulty of quitting, smokers are wary of it because they are afraid of gaining weight. When one quits, appetite also increases. You can beat this by making a conscious effort to eat healthy food and avoiding high sugar and high fat food. Add more vegetables to your diet and instead of snacks like chocolates and cookies choose fruits for snacks.

8. No matter how hard it is

Being unable to stay on track and lighting up is common when one is trying to quit. This may happen more than one time. Stay positive and pick yourself up. Think about what causes you to fail. Next time, use this factors you have come to understand hold you back and overcome them. Choose a new date and start all over again.

9.Self Help Groups

You may find that you need extra help after all quitting smoking is not easy. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare professional about referring you to a self help group. They have a good track record on helping people to quit smoking. Don\’t suffer in silence sign-up to a forum on-line and speak to like minded people who can empathise with you. Chances are that their will be others out there with worse experiences than yours.

10. Lastly, keep the faith

If you believe that you can do it, then you can succeed at quitting and you can stay smoke free forever. Having doubts will bring your resolve down. There are times when the going will be really rough but you need to keep telling yourself you can do it. Fight the temptation and stay positive. Just keep thinking that you really can do it and you will.

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