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Urinary And Prostate Issues Stop With Saw Palmetto Extract

There may be help for anyone who suffers from BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy) or an enlarged prostate gland. According to some studies the herbal extract known as saw palmetto may be able to help with the enlargement and it may also be beneficial for anyone who has prostate cancer when taken along with other herbals. You can now buy saw palmetto extract and this is great news for anyone who is interested in ending the problems with urination due to the prostate.

If you are curious as to what it is, the answer is simple. It is a fruit known as the Serenoa Repens. This fruit is high in phytosterols and fatty acids. It has been favored for over 200 years to help people overcome a variety of medical conditions in alternative, traditional, and eclectic medical uses. It has been used by American Indians to help with urinary issues and it has been used by Seminoles as an antiseptic and expectorant. It is still commonly used in Europe to treat enlarged prostates and Mayans have drunk it also.

You can take advantage of all the benefits of saw palmetto when you buy saw palmetto extract. It is useful for so many things beyond prostate enlargement that virtually anyone could benefit from taking it. It is used to help with diabetes, hair loss, migraines, and more. Some people feel that it helps them with their cold symptoms and even coughs that may come with asthma or chronic bronchitis. There are many who also think that it can improve a man\’s sperm count and sexual drive. Are you curious as to how it will help you? The fact that it can be purchased in stores makes it easy to learn.

The manufacturers of this supplement understand that not everyone has a set routine. That is why you can take it in pill or liquid form and all you have to do is simply take a few drops or a couple tablets per day with food. If it can help you with your chronic cough or your enlarged prostate, it will be well worth trying harder to make it a part of your day and you do not just need to be an older man to enjoy the rewards from taking it. If it helps you a little, isn\’t it worth it for you?

The most common side effects that people may have when they buy saw palmetto extract is if they choose to not eat before taking it, they may develop an upset stomach or other gastrointestinal issues. That is why it is recommended you take it only when you eat first. However, you will want to consult your doctor if you have high cholesterol because this extract may make it higher. You may also want to ask if you are pregnant or nursing. The effects of the hormones on your unborn or nursing baby are unknown and it should not be taken without a doctor telling you that it is okay for you and your baby. For most people, there should be no problem with it.

If you take birth control pills that contain estrogen, you should also talk to your doctor before you buy saw palmetto because it may affect the estrogen in your pills. This should only be a minor inconvenience for most women and as soon as you are done with the supplements you should be able to skip the other birth control methods again within a couple of weeks. As with all medications, though, when in doubt, ask a healthcare professional first.

The FDA commonly recommends you buy saw palmetto extract because it has fewer side effects to worry about than even some of the other most common bladder issue medications including Proscar. This is also part of the reason that you can purchase it through online resources and offline in health food stores or other places where herbal supplements can be bought. It is easy for everyone to have access to when they need it.

You do not have to suffer from bladder or urinary issues ever again if you buy saw palmetto extract for yourself or someone that you love. It may help you a little; it may help you a lot. Either way, it will help you \”go\” a little easier so that you can live a little more comfortably. What do you really feel that you have to lose by trying it to see what it can do for you?

Are you ready to buy saw palmetto extract? Have you discovered all the great things it can do for you? If not, go to to see more about it.

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