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Top Rated FBI Books By Catherine Coulter

Literature that revolve on crime solving are among the most intriguing. Delight in reading is brought out by the figurative skills in writing of this FBI books. One is able to embrace the professional work that is done by these special agents through the clearly illustrated facts. Catherine coulter has done several works and the following list includes some of them.

The cove. This book is about a woman whose dad has been murdered and she seeks asylum in a small town from her enemies. This old fashioned town is made up of mostly aging people that make the best ice cream which usually attracts many tourists. An FBI agent Quinlain believes that she holds the key to his inquiry which makes him follow her in undercover. Its unending romantic suspense will treat you to obscurities, get you scared and keep you nodding and entertained at this unlikely love story.

Eleventh hour. Dane, the twin brother of the murdered Father Michael Joseph sets out to investigate on the villains and bring them to justice. He later finds himself in an unlikely position of a bodyguard after Nick comes forward owing to the possibility that she can get to be next on the killer list. The agents have to beat the eleventh hour to bring the culprit to book.

Blindside. Six year old Sam is kidnapped and manages to escape successfully from his captors. Sams father, a former FBI agent, is accompanied by Savich and Sherlock as they set to find reasons for abduction of the young boy. They realize that the local sheriff in eastern Tennessee has already killed the kidnappers but they are unsatisfied and they continue on with their quest. Each page is worth turning due to its nature of suspense.

The Maze. Savich is back again and he is now the leader of Criminal Apprehension Unit which is a branch of FBI. When a cold blood murder occurs in Boston she is there in no due time and lies to Dillion. Dillion gets to know of the happenings and comes to a realization that they may be all in big trouble and also be victims if the fail to figure out who killed her sister. The book will take you through maze of mysteries and puzzles.

Point blank. The FBI agents cheat death as they try rescuing a well renowned entertainer. They get decoyed into motel by a known informer only to get a red timer glowing. Everybody survives unhurt as the horrendous explosion annihilates everything on sight. The lethal enemy proves difficult to trace but they have to pull their socks much higher to bring down this villain.

Blowout. A long weekend is shortened for two agents who get airlifted to commence an inquiry on the murder of Supreme Court justice. A comparable murder occurs in a day making it necessary to solve a crime aged thirty years. The two shocking news are for sure shocking and pushes the two agents to brink.

The writing styles of these books make them worth every page through the imaginations and suspense skills that are employed. The FBI jobs and skills are described in a factual way making every detail look real. Rather than just idle about give this books a try and you will definitely build a reading culture.

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