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The Three Most Common Draft Beer Systems

Food is always the highligh of any celebration, and so are drinks. Even in the past, the highlight of celebrations always include drinking. Before, their special menu is the wine, but in the modern day, beer is the most common drink which people enjoy. This culture has actually been always incorporated with laughter and fun. But other than that, it also benefits the body.

If you are a business man having a bar or a restaurant, be sure not to miss this favorite liquor of people in your list. But other than selling bottled ones, there is actually a better way to make your drinks sell better and that is by having either of the draft beer systems. These systems are actually common in the city of Huntersville, NC.

Actually draft beer has better quality compared to the bottled ones. That is because the bottled drinks have already been processed a lot. For this reason, they lost their freshness and some of the good qualities that fresh drinks have. But draft beer is taken fresh from the kegs, so you will really find it a lot more delightful than the processed ones.

So if you want to have more people coming to your store, then you can try installing a tap system. For sure, once people get to taste your drinks, they will keep coming back for more. Not long after this, you would find your business booming since your customers will become your regular customers. Not to mention, the visitors that discover your good drinks will recommend your drinks to their friends.

So basically, there are three common kinds of system which have been used to serve draft beer. All of them have distinct characteristics but they do not change the taste of the liquor. So here are the three with their descriptions and uses. With this, you will see how it works and you also will know whether or not it fits your business.

So the very first kind is what you call the direct draw. This is the most comfortable one and for that, it is used in catering to outside gatherings such as programs, parties, and other events. That is because they are portable and can be contained in a bus. Basically, the kegs here are kept cool inside a cooling unit and are only five feet away from the main faucet.

While with the second one which is the air cooled system, the casks are placed twenty five feet away from the faucet. With this, it can accommodate more casks than the previous one so it practically requires a larger space. Its cooling procedure uses the walk in coolers and a fan to circulate the cold are into the pipes so it requires more energy.

While the third one is what is used in by big bars and restaurants since it can practically accommodate more kegs than the air cooled. With this, the kegs are located more than twenty five feet away form the faucet. So practically, they can produce fresh liquor in massive amount. This system is practically used in very popular bars that have a big name in the industry.

So in choosing which system to use for your business, consider first the situation of your store. Your success will depend on your discernment. However, you must not only discern which of the three to use. Most of all, you should know how to run them especially with regard to cleanliness.

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