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News As Presented On The Current Conservative News Blog

Many people in this world love change-most of the times for the sake of nothing serious. Many things have always changed while traditionalists have always enjoyed conventional practices. There are many branches in the field of news reporting and every news agency tries hard to narrow down on a particular branch of reporting. Current conservative news blog is an example of a news blog that specializes in conservative news. It was started in New York some years back.

Precisely, this blog presents conservative news to its readers touching on American politics, religion and world news. Most of this news is critical of decisions that do not go in line with conservative beliefs and philosophies. Apart from these major areas, it also looks at history, culture, American values, principles and standpoints on various key issues in the world.

The perspective taken by this blog is mostly critical of how things are run in many areas of America as a country. For example, one of their articles seeks to find out if Obama was born in a Christian family or not. It also challenges him to prove to the nation that indeed he is a true Christian. The article goes further to challenge his incapability to convince citizens that he is truly American.

It looks at the handling of all the wars that America has been involved in. Writers on this blog criticize these wars as having been costly to the economy of America when it was not worth it. They also criticize Obama in one of their post for pretending not to know anything about the wars, or being involved in them when they knew everything about them.

Another article criticizes lack of accountability in all governments. This article argues that it is difficult for a government to be run in absolute accountability to the citizens. The writers give an illustration of this by alluding to the sweet promises given by politicians who want to be presidents only to disappoint their subjects a short while later. Worse still, they do not even try putting what they promise into practice. Still on accountability, Sarah Palin was once quoted criticizing President Obama for his failure to hold officials accountable due to his laziness.

World news on this blog covers many areas that talk about issues in other continents. It touches on social practices, economic strategies and problems, politics and diseases among other affairs in other parts of the world. One article, for example, narrates the story of Islamic Brotherhood members who died after an attack by the Libyan military officers.

Some of the social affairs handled on this blog include; sexual mistreatment, homosexuality, HIV.AIDS and other illnesses among other pressing issues. In one of the mostly read stories, the blog tells a story of a girl who has been sexually abused by her six brothers for several years. The blog also talks about homosexuality with a condemning tone. It refers to homosexuality as being an abomination according to the bible, and criticizes human beings for valuing modernism at the expense of real biblical teaching.

It can, therefore, be conclusively said that this blog is a blog for radicalized people who believe in traditionalism and rigidity to change. They are against most things happening with the pretext of modernism. They believe that most things go wrong because of the desire for change among people.

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