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Easiest Guide To Home T Shirt Printing

Digital shirt printing is very prominent these days for they are easier and the process is very fast. But this method would cost you hundreds. This is why there are still a lot of people who prefer having silk screen t-shirt printing Omaha for it is easy and cheap. Though this would take time to get the result but most people wanted their shirts more personalized. If you are planning to have one then you have to know the preparations.

Tools are the most important thing you ought not to forget. Stencil paper is the most used paper for pattern making. But if you prefer using common materials, then you can use bond paper or recycle your used negatives and x ray films kept in your house. In fact you can use anything but be sure that it will not damage your work.

There are various of adhesives to choose from for the process but you can only use what is the most convenient for you. Most students and non experts are using acrylic paint. This is a water based color and does dry quickly. Variety of colors and shades are available in the market. Though the most suitable is the fabric paint which is much more expensive than the acrylic

A silk screen method cannot be called as such without the silk screen itself. In purchasing a silk screen, most distributors sell silk screens with white mesh which reflects light. The other mesh is the yellow which does absorb light. And the one with wood frame is the most used for the home made printing. Aluminum or metal framed screen is much more expensive and for commercial usage only.

To apply the paint you are to use a squeegee. It is made of either wooden or metal handle and a soft rubber blade. The one with aluminum is called the ergo force in which the squeegee will do the more work than you will. You do not need to give much effort in controlling it anymore for in ergo force it is made to control its blade. Its blade is replaceable.

Ergo force squeegee is very ideal for it runs smoother compared to the other. But this type of applicator is expensive and will take time because upon purchasing it, you still have to assemble its part. The wooden on the other hand is not complicated for it ready made but it does not work as smooth as the aluminum is but still have enough good results.

You must also need cutters in working on your pattern. Most lay man are using paper cutters or paper knife for patter making. Those who cannot manage to use knives, they prefer using the scissors. But the most ideal for this is the stencil cutter for it makes your cutting more easier especially to those patters with complicated curves.

If your screen is too big for your design, you can use masking tape to cover extra spaces. Paint brushes are not necessary but is ideal to make a more stroke design. Of course, pencils and pens for pattern making and news papers for spills.

T-shirt printing Omaha, either digitized or silk screened, it does not matter. For what matters is the artistry for the one who made it. Now, you can finally make your own t shirt design for your boyfriend.

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