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A Look At Sober Greeting Cards

People who are recovering from drug or alcohol addictions have special days that designate their continued progress in sobriety. They celebrate the first day of non-drinking or using drugs on a regular basis starting with the first thirty day anniversary. As time passes members of AA and NA collect sober greeting cards for many different occasions including the anniversary of their sobriety birth date.

Monthly birthday meetings many time serve as part of the reason a new comer may stay in the program until they are well enough to stay in sobriety by choice. Seeing others receive the card and medallions and hearing the praise that usually goes with the presentation can serve as a strong motivator for some. Finding anything more than a generic card in most stores is very difficult. There are stores in many cities that carry all of the twelve step supplies needed to make the event far more personal.

There are numerous sites on the internet that can supply a card denoting the occasion. You can order them in boxes of up to twelve or as a single item. Many AA groups make use of these services to accommodate the need for them every month. The subject may honor a birthday or anniversary of sobriety or contain one of many supportive sayings popular to the members.

Some internet sites feature individual artists\’ renditions of unique and one of a kind cards. Others have their own specialty series that they showcase. Most of the sites allow personalization of their work where you can add to or replace the message inside their work.

You can also find websites that can provide an E-card for those people you have in your life that are internet savvy. The card is transmitted to the e-mail address of any recipient and can be scheduled to arrive on specific dates when necessary. This is an excellent option for those who live in another city.

Because many of these artists are in recovery themselves they are able to compose a card and message to be very supportive of the program they and others belong to. Their insights and personal experiences can work to help create the perfect card with significant meaning for your needs.

The owners of many of these companies announce on the website that they too are recovering alcoholics and addicts and because one foundation to staying sober is to stay in service they view their contributions as a form of service. Their inventory usually contains other items that are important to recovery such as AA Big Books and yearly medallions to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Some suppliers offer the option of selecting or creating the card package you want and then picking it up within an hour at a nearby printer or retail store.

For many people the smallest effort can make the difference between staying or leaving recovery. A personalized card that speaks to their successes and progress may be just the thing to tip them into remaining in sobriety one more day or for the rest of their lives.

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