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Plants and Roots: Which Ones Give More Than Just Allergy Relief

For allergy relief what is better, alternative remedies or over the counter medication?

If you have ever had to put up with either hay fever or a blocked nasal passage, then your opinion of what works would be centered around your past or current cure. But what worked for you probably did not for hundreds more. Allergy relief is proven to be just as potent from the use of herb extracts and roots, than with inhalers or nasal sprays prescribed by your GP. There are lots of cures that can be bought from the pharmacy, but from a medical point of view it is important that natures natural offerings give a different perspective.

If you were advised to use an inhaler by a doctor to help your asthma, it would only be manufactured to benefit the severity of your outbreak. It has no other uses apart from helping you to breathe easier. You would not be expected to think it could help your arthritis or vital organs in any way.

Because a nasal decongestant is one dimensional in what it relieves, it is a misconception to think also of plant extracts in the same way. Organic properties have been widely used by the human race for many many years courtesy of natures diversity. Being unique for not just being an anti inflammatory or used as an antihistamine, is just part of the many other attributes that naturally grown properties offer.

Having the ability to combat different types of disease and ailments at once, naturally sourced medication refrains from being individual. Using a plant extract for hay fever or an allergy, can be found to aid a multitude of other health related problems. Things such as diarrhea, heart disease, cystitis, cancerous tumors, colic, arthritis and so forth. In other words they do more than what it says on the bottle.

So popular nowadays are a number of herbal teas because of the antihistamines they contain within. But their usage has increased health wise also, as more people have become aware that they offer so much more to the health industry.

The abundantly found stinging nettle leaf is a remedy for swollen joints around Europe, especially in the Germanic regions. This is probably due to the nettles high levels of calcium being good for the bones, and richness in iron. To raise their hormone levels, weight trainers take it as a supplement due its variety of important vitamins. To maintain a clean scalp and keep locks shiny is another of its little known uses.

Low risk asthma sufferers get round having to use pump inhalers, by choosing to consume peppermint tea on a regular basis instead. Another major benefit of peppermint tea is staying cold free in the winter. If you suffer with stomach aches or any other abdominal issues, the tea is found to aid recovery.

The healthiest tea of all is green tea. Mostly because with regular use, it protects against heart disease and damage to the liver or kidneys. Top sportsmen drink green tea to re-hydrate and benefit from its instant energy boost.

Bromelain is a substance found within the pineapple plant, where its abundance is most apparent in the stem. Thousands that experience bouts of hay fever, use bromelain because of its distinct ability to reduce inflammation of the nasal passage thus allowing mucus to run freely. But what a lot of users don\’t know is how other parts of the anatomy benefit from the use of bromelain. For instance, it is now widely used for treatment to cancer sufferers as it slows the growth of tumors and cancerous cells. Also it\’s benefits to the elderly have become apparent for the relief it gives to arthritic pains. Because of bromelains ability to slow blood clotting, anyone who has a heart problem are strongly recommended to not make use of it\’s benefits.

Astralagus is another herb used by allergy sufferers for it\’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Similar to bromelain, this particular herb is also used effectively in the medical industry for the treatment of cancer. Another benefit of Astralagus is if mixed with other plant extracts, there is overwhelming truth to show that organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys are taken care of. In the health and beauty industry, the slowing of aging from regular intakes of Astralagus has been found too.

It is a misconception to think that plants and herbs that require sunlight, are the only natural sources for allergy relief. Below ground, roots and their extracts are also used by people suffering with allergies. This is because of their anti-inflammatory benefits being much more pleasant to experience than the use of a decongestant.

Coming from Japan is a root called Wasabi which is generally used as a dressing for sushi. It carries the same sort of heat as that experienced from mustard and horseradish. In the Western world, Wasabi is used for the relief of severe outbreaks of hay fever because of a particular chemical within the root called allyl-isothiocyanate. Instead of burning the tongue in the same way that horseradish or mustard does, this chemical targets the heat towards the nasal passage allowing for mucus to run freely. Can also be used to maintain oral hygiene as a mouthwash.

Licorice root is another used for oral hygiene as it is believed to be beneficial if you suffer with mouth ulcers. Its greater attribute comes from a compound inside the root, that is then used in Eastern Oriental countries against diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis.

The American Red Indians were the first to discover the natural healing abilities of a root called Butterbur. They found it to be highly effective against migraines and severe headaches. Found to be extremely potent against the ravages of hay fever, thousands of people from the Western world use this root as an alternative to using a decongestant.

Apart from their anti-bacterial, antiviral or anti-inflammatory benefits, the above list all have one other extremely important attribute. They are all jam packed with flavanoids. Most plant species contain different levels of flavanoids, but green tea contains more than any other plant, liquid or food that is deemed to be healthy. Found predominantly in the skin of onions and apples, Quercetin is the most known of all flavanoids. Not only is it renowned for being a powerful antihistamine but its use in dietary control is now evident. Regular consumption of Quercetin has been found to inhibit the production of fat cells and improve endurance. Also when a natural plant substance called resveratrol is added to Quercetin, there is evidence to prove its ability at treating high cholesterol levels.

Because of flavanoids being predominantly abundant in most plants, this could go part way to explaining why vegetarians always look a picture of health. It seems then that having a well balanced diet which is full of fruit, vegetables and various herbs, also plays a significant role in reducing allergies and other diseases.

Before undergoing any dietary change or plan to consume any of the powerful naturally grown plants and herbs mentioned, always check with your doctor first to eliminate any underlying problems.

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