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Dr. Simeons HCG Diet for Rapid Fat Loss

Dr. Simeon\’s diet plan was invevted half a century back and so far has actually helped lots of thousands of individuals to drop weight for life without undergoing surgical treatment or experiencing the nasty side-effects of fat burning drugs. It is based on prescribing a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin to the patients and giving them with a really low calorie diet to do for a specific amount of time.

The HCG hormone is a pregnancy hormone. Its levels start increasing as soon as the egg implants itself is the uterus and screening for HCG in the blood is typically used to test for pregnancy. The HCG, nevertheless does not cause pregnancy symptoms itself. People are often scared of utilizing this fat burning method because they fear that they will begin bloating and having mood swings. This will not happen. Throughout maternity numerous hormones come into play; you have your oestrogen, your endorphins, your progesterone and you oxytocin, which will all work together to produce a healthy environment for the fetus. The role of the HCG is to promote the hypothalamus so that it will speed up the metabolic process and burn fat very quickly in case of a sugar shortage in the blood.

When you integrate the stimulation of the metabolism with a shortage in sugar, you will get fast and effective weight loss. It takes a bit of determination but you will not feel hungry and you will be rewarded with exceptionally rapid weight loss.

The diet plan could be done on rounds of twenty-six or forty days according to exactly how much weight needs to be lost. The reason why it is not feasible to prolong the diet for even more than 40 days is that the body becomes accustomed to the hormone and so it ceases to be efficient.

When Dr. Simeon began treating people for obesity he only did personalized diet plan regimes. If there were medical reasons for the unrestrained weight gain, he would do an extensive check up on the patient. He would test the thyroid, for instance. Likewise he would ask the patient at exactly what age they had begun to put on weight and exactly what their maximum weight had actually been. By taking into consideration age, height, gender and starting weight, he was able to fine tune his therapy to the patient\’s particular requirements and obtain excellent results.

In half a century of practice a great deal has actually been learned and nowadays it is possible to do the diet plan alone as dosages have been standardized. Statistically there does not appear to be any specific benefit to doing injections as opposed to taking the sublingual drops. It is recommended to check out Dr. Simeon\’s publication \”Pounds and Inches\” to have a good understanding of what the diet plan includes.

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