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The Benefits Of Products For Hair Loss

Are you experiencing hair loss or baldness symptoms? Men and women have always been concerned about hair loss. This is reflected in the numerous products for hair loss that are available today. Some are topical while others are taken orally. Depending on the extent of the hair loss problem, there are several types of products one can choose from.

Amino acids are a common component for many hair loss products. They are considered hair vitamins. Specific amino acids that have been found to be beneficial to the growth of hair are cysteine, cystine, arginine, lysine and methionine. The products are either taken orally or applied topically.

Products using thymosin as an active ingredient also reverse baldness. Discovered through experiments on methods primarily meant to boost the immune system, thymosin promotes cell growth of hair follicles.

Copper peptides are also used as hair regrowth stimulants. Copper peptides, from copper which is a nutrient that also promotes growth of hair, are present in products that address hair loss problems. These products are applied topically.

Working as the active component of several brands of hair loss products, Minoxidil has been proven to control baldness and hair loss. However, it is best to consult a physician before purchasing and using any product with Minoxidil. Users have reported symptoms of rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat and light headedness. Also, a major problem is the itching of the scalp due to the dryness caused by the alcohol content in the products. It is also important to note that the effectiveness of Minoxidil is more on those with smaller areas of baldness and central baldness only. Also, products using Minoxidil only work for as long as they are being used. Once you stop using the product, hair loss starts again.

For those who prefer to go herbal, nature does have a number of suggestions. You can try taking supplements of the building blocks of hair. These are essential fatty acids such as fish or flax seed oils, proteins in the form of lecithin, and minerals such as silica and zinc.

Many products for hair loss are advertised very well. Of course, each will claim to be the best. To minimize the risk of purchasing a product that has been falsely advertised, choose one that has been Food and Drug Administration approved. Choose one with a guarantee. At least, you get your money back when the product does not work for you. If the manufacturer or dealer is willing to give back the money to unsatisfied customers, then the product must really work.

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