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Lived an abnormal life gripped in drug addiction? Is life not worth living for anymore? Life is the most precious gift of god & you have every right to live your life as normally as others do. Get to know more about drug addiction & how to come out of it.

Drug abuse can lead to drug dependence or addiction. Drug addiction may also follow the use of drugs for physical pain relief, though this is rare in people without a previous history of addiction. The exact reason of drug abuse and dependence is not yet known.

The genetic make-up of the individuals, peer pressure, emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and environmental stress are all factors which seem to be involved. Children who grow up in an environment of illicit drug use may first see their elders using drugs. This may put them at a higher risk for developing an addiction later in life for both environmental and genetic reasons.

Drug intoxication and drug overdose may be accidental or intentional. Drug withdrawal symptoms can occur when use of a substance is stopped. Withdrawal symptoms vary, depending on the particular substance. The withdrawal symptom depends on the length of time the drug was being used. Drug intoxication, overdose, and withdrawal can be life-threatening in some situations.

Drug Rehab was brought about to combat the evil effect of drug addiction as its use became more and more prevalent among teenagers and adolescents. The punk and rock culture that was prevalent made the use of these drugs appear ‘cool’ and once caught in the grip of this evil, the individual became more and more dependent on its use.

It is often advised that a patient stays at least 3 months in drug rehab, as those who stay longer have better results than those who spend less time.

Everyone is entitled to a happy, joyous, addiction-free life, with all of its benefits. The best rehab is the one that guarantees improved health, success in relationships, a feeling of self-worth & a life of abundance.

Individuals and families alike find sanctuary from the pain of drug abuse – at Sunset Malibu. Their addiction recovery facility is set in a beautiful, private location in Malibu, California. The patients will experience the highest quality amenities and comforts they deserve.

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