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Understanding The Structural Foam Molding Process

Structural Foam Molding is the process through which thermoplastics such as high density polyethylene are processed in a low pressure environment. The process relies on the foaming action that is caused by an inert gas of the plastic material to facilitate flow. Similarly, foaming can also be caused by the decomposition of a chemical blowing agent added to the resin. All the aforementioned processes only require small amounts of pressure and not high ones, which are then used to force the molten polymer to fill up the cavity of the mold. Read the rest of this entry »

A Reflow Soldering Oven: How Does It Work?

The reflow soldering oven is used for attaching electric components to their contact pad, usually printed circuit boards (PCB) through a reflow process. A mixture of powdered solder and flux (usually sticky) is first used to loosely fix the electrical components on to the PCB which is then subjected to a controlled heat, melting the solder in the process resulting permanent joints. Read the rest of this entry »

Elements To Consider When Marketing Services For Automatic Door Repair

Currently most of the new upcoming buildings prefer the use of automatic doors. Automatic door repair services is therefore one of the services which most people will need. However, if you are of the companies offering such service, it is imperative that you need to put yourself in a strategic place to enable you get the contract to offer such services. Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Facts On Environmental Noise Control

Noise pollution is a major problem in the modern industrialized world. A noisy environment is difficult to work in and possess a health risk as well. Proper environmental noise control is needed to better the acoustic environment. Persons who work in noisy industrial areas should undergo regular medical check-ups to ensure that they have not suffered from hearing impairment. Read the rest of this entry »

Information On Handling Off Spec Chemicals

Once in awhile a manufacturer would realize that in his possession are some off spec chemicals. Some of these substances could be as a result of a production process or out of date reagents. These items are in many instances not usable in their state so a way should be sought to dispose them. Due to the fact that the processes through which they are formed are still ongoing, they will continue to be produced. Proper method of disposal is usually a challenging affair to many people in whose custody they fall. Shared here are some of the available options on how to take care of the menace. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips In Finding A Company For Noise Assessment

If you are looking for a company to perform a noise assessment, take the following considerations. The background of the company should be checked. You want to make sure that the company you hired for the service can be trusted and competent in the service. Check business permits and licenses of the company. Read the rest of this entry »

Vintage Advertising Signs Add Style

Figuring out how to decorate a room can be a challenge as there are many options from which to choose. Yet, the concerns that most people have most often are the cost and the amount of time it will take to change a room. Anyone who wants to add some flair to space without spending a lot of time or money might want to try vintage advertising signs. Read the rest of this entry »

Effective Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning Procedures

Using crude oil tankers may seem easy, wait until the times comes to do the cleaning. There however are several procedures of Crude Oil Storage Tank Cleaning that have been used over the years and new improved methods that employed by some contractors. This process involves the removal of bottom sludge, separating it into oil and solid matter and the actual receptacle washing. Read the rest of this entry »

More About Rotary Tablet Press Machines

May do not know this, but in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals a press machine is required in the final stages of the process. Some firms use single phase machines while some use the more advanced Rotary Tablet Press machines. These are used to create the tablet medicines that are commonly swallowed. As time progresses so does technology in all the fields of science. Read the rest of this entry »

Essentials For Choosing The Right Punches And Dies

There are companies and business establishments that require large volumes of books and documents to be punched and bounded. This requires for careful preparation and thorough research to procure the correct machine that will suit the needs and specifications of the company. Buying punches and dies is not very easy so here are some suggestions to be considered when buying such equipment. Read the rest of this entry »
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