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What Happens When You Quit Smoking?

Those that smoke already know that it is bad for them. If you know that you want to quit, but you are having a hard time, it might be helpful to know what happens when you quit smoking. Though knowing the dangers does not always help someone quit right away, they can help them in the long run. No matter how much someone wants to quit, it can take a while because of the amazing pull that smoking has on someone. It?s not as easy as it looks, but a little information can not hurt.

One of the most important things that happens when you quit smoking is that your lungs begin to heal. If you were to look in at your own lungs at the present time, you would probably be horrified by what you see. Cigarettes are full of tar, and even the ones that claim to be low tar can do a lot of damage. The smoke comes back out when you exhale, but the tar remains in your lungs. When you quit smoking, that tar can begin to clear out. Your lungs may be back to normal (or close enough) within a few years of quitting. The damage is not irreversible.

Other important things happen when you stop smoking. Not only can your lungs begin to clear out (expect a lot of coughing at first – don?t worry, it is a good thing), but your chances for having a heart attack and a stroke go down also. If you have a history of these things in your family, that is good news indeed. Smoking puts more strain on all systems of the body. Most smokers do not realize that. Once you stop, your body can go back to normal function and you are going to be healthier and feel better all over.

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There are some things that happen when you quit smoking that are not health realted, but are going to come as a pleasant surprise to you. One of the most noticeable is that your sense of taste is going to improve. Smoking will do a lot to deaden the taste buds, and foods do not taste as good as they can. What happens when you quit smoking is that your taste buds come alive again, and you are going to experience food in a whole new ways. Just don?t get too carried away as those that quit are prone to some weight gain. Perhaps this is why that can happen.

You are also going to notice that you feel better about yourself, and you may wonder how others viewed you before you quit. When you quit smoking, you will begin to notice that you can pick other smokers out, even when they are not smoking. They have a smell of smoke around them that they can not sense, but that all others can smell. You can also smell the world around you in a much better way. What happens when you quit smoking is that you suddenly feel, look, and even smell better. Those are just bonuses on top of your newfound health.

Child Insomnia

Child insomnia is something pretty much every family has to go through at one point or another. Pretty much every child has worries and anxieties from time to time. When all of these worries build up, they can be overwhelming or even terrifying. Children start to worry about death, the bogeyman, aliens, and monsters in the closet. Together, all of these worries can quickly add up to a sleepless night or two.

In most cases, child insomnia goes away on its own, or only affects the kid once or twice a month. Sometimes, however, childhood insomnia stays around. As bad as sleep disorders can be for adults, they are an even bigger problem for kids. Kids who are unable to sleep are unable to learn and interact in a normal way. Some sleep experts even go as far as saying that childhood insomnia can set your kid back intellectually, emotionally, and developmentally.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to treat child insomnia, and some combination of them usually works. One of the most common cures, of course, is the bedtime stories. Parents have been telling stories to their children since ancient times ? probably before the invention of writing. Nowadays, a lot of families are too busy to read bedtime stories, and the kids suffer as a result. Sometimes, all it takes is ten minutes or so of reading, and the kid is out like a light.

There are also soothing herbal cures for child insomnia. If you can, you want to avoid giving your kid sleeping pills and other heavy narcotics, but there is nothing wrong with a mug of chamomile tea or a glass of hot milk. We tend to go to extremes in our culture, but sometimes all you need is something warm and soothing to put you to sleep for the night.

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Then again, from time to time families have to go with a more involved, high tech solution to child insomnia. I have a good friend whose children are both terrible insomniacs. He tried reading to them, talking to them about worries, making them mug after mug of tea, and everything else he could think of, but nothing seemed to work. Then, he decided to invest in a white noise generator from some high tech gadget store. He did it as sort of a last ditch attempt but, wouldn’t you know it, the thing worked. It has a timer, so he can set it to play for about 20 minutes every night while his kids are falling asleep. By the time it stops making noise, they are always well on their way to dreamland. He has even been thinking about getting one for himself recently.

Acne Herbal Remedies

What’s worse than getting a nice plump whitehead right in the middle of your forehead? Uh, try getting one right smack-dab on the tip of your nose. Yep; that’s worse! Acne blemishes sure can be an utter pain in the butt. Sometimes you have to wonder what in the world you can possibly do to stop the madness. No matter how many zits you pop and how many pimples you conceal, there always seems to be another one rearing its ugly head. What is the deal with this irksome skin affliction? Why can’t there just be a magic pill that squelches the burden of acne altogether? Well, I can’t say that I am aware of any new and innovative pill that obliterates the acne gene. However, there are a number of contemporary treatments. For example, what do you know about acne herbal remedies?

Have you ever given acne herbal remedies a shot? Maybe something different from that Clearasil in your medicine cabinet would do you good. After all, how well is that topical cream from the drugstore even working? Does it actually heal and get rid of a nasty pimple in no time at all? Or, does it merely mask the problem and eventually dry out your face? That is always a common dilemma with basic acne problems. Unlike many of the acne herbal remedies, the drugstore creams, gels, and face washes do a serious number on your delicate mug. If you don’t believe me, then I’m betting that you’ve never tried them. Products such as Oxy, Clearasil, and Neutrogena acne wash can and will be a tad extreme. They work to hard to erase every speck of dirt and oil from your face. This is not the same approach as many new-age acne herbal remedies. There is no balance with the drugstore stuff. This is the primary reason they leave your complexion dry and tight. Now, this can even lead to more breakouts. Once the pores are blocked by dead skin, everything goes out of whack.

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Are you in the market for some quality acne herbal remedies? Maybe this is the route you should be choosing. Think about it for a moment. How many lame drugstore acne treatments have you already went through, and found little to no results? Probably quite a few. Get online and check out many of the modern acne herbal remedies. It could mean clearer, brighter skin.

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Internet Addiction

Is there such a phenomenon as internet addiction?

Strange as it may sound, it’s true. The internet, with millions upon millions of sites to see, can easily become an alternate reality. One link leads to another and before you know it, hours have passed. You may have started out your net session with some serious purpose, researching a health topic or locating information for a term paper.

You decide to take a short break to visit your favorite message board. You find a response to one of your posts from one of your online friends. The response really gets your dander up, so you fire off a quick response. The responder is also online and shoots back with another message. Again, before you know it, dinner’s burning and the kids are after you – “When’s dinner?”.

Does this situation qualify as internet addiction? If this scenario arises once in a blue moon, no. However, in most cases like this, it’s a regular event. Once you’re on the net, you find you’ve got to tear yourself away to tend to business. If surfing the net interferes with regular responsibilities, or keeps you up until the wee hours such that you can’t get up in time for work, you’ve got the dreaded internet addiction.

So prevalent is this phenomenon, there are now institutions and support groups dedicated to curing this brand new addiction. You may be shocked to discover that people are paying money to be rehabilitated from their internet addiction.

If you suspect that you’re creeping up to addictive status, or already there, how do you recognize the signature characteristics of internet addiction? What steps can you take on your own to wean yourself from excessive stints on the web?

To answer the first question, if you’ve got internet addiction, your surfing adventures take priority over other mundane, but necessary tasks, such as doing last week’s laundry, fixing tonight’s meal or helping the kids with homework. Do you become annoyed when someone tries to get your attention while you’re on the net? Do you spend hours playing online games, leaving poor Fido to his own dinner devices? Chances are, you’ve got internet addiction.

Now, what to do? You really don’t want to let dinner burn, or have nothing for the kids to wear tomorrow. Not to mention Fido making off with the meat sitting on the counter. Curing internet addiction requires a disciplined approach and establishing proper priorities. Here are a few clues to get you clean.

Establish certain times of the day or evening when the net won’t interfere with work and family responsibilities. Let’s say you do housework for an hour in the morning and on Saturdays. Pencil that time into your calendar. Homework help is nightly, between 4:00 and 6:00 pm. Mark it down, along with all regular tasks. What’s left is when you fit in net excursions.

Yes, it’s all easier said than done. However, it’s doable. Buck up. Get up an hour earlier than usual, or forego your favorite TV program. Yes!

Healthy Heart Tips for a Bad Economy

Title: Healthy Heart Tips for a Bad Economy
Category: Health News
Created: 2/8/2009 2:00:00 AM
Last Editorial Review: 2/9/2009

Source:Healthy Heart Tips for a Bad Economy

Cholesterol Medication

America has a serious eating problem. That statement may tick you off. Sure, I can understand this, but unfortunately it probably means that you’re already overweight. Now there’s no reason to get offended or toss your computer out the window. What it is time for is a diet and lifestyle change. This is your life we’re talking about here. Get in good shape and stay in good health so that you can live it well. You deserve this! That way you won’t be worrying with cholesterol medication in another ten or 15 years. Or depending on how old you are, maybe less. The truth is our country offers a deluge of garbage cuisine. It’s on ever street corner across the USA. My advice to everyone it to simply avoid it as if your life depends on it. Oh wait; it does. Now are you listening?

You may have noticed that Vytorin and other cholesterol medication decreasers are becoming more prominent now days. While having these remedies at our disposal is wonderful, it’s even better if you never have to use them. There are some simply ways you can lower your cholesterol and keep it down. Actually the best route is always prevention. If you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you shouldn’t have to bother with and new-age cholesterol medication ever. The trick is to stay active and monitor what you consume. All those products you buy from the grocery store that are prepackaged have cholesterol information on the label. Check out your jug of milk as an example. If you’re drinking whole milk, you’ll soon discover that it has a hefty amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. These are both terrible for your heart. They clog arteries and lead to heart disease and strokes. Take my advice and make the switch to soy milk. Your cholesterol levels should plummet. Dairy itself has oodles of cholesterol. So if you’re a big milk, cheese and ice cream lover, you may want to tone things down a bit. Indulging in too much of this food group will lead you to the burden of a cholesterol medication for sure.

Lean meats, plenty of fruit and vegetables, along with whole grains and products such as oatmeal are ideal. This healthy diet will steer you clear of a cholesterol medication in the future. Start living right as young as possible. It’s the key to a healthier future.

Nightmares in Adults

Nightmares are disturbing, visual dream sequences that occur in your mind and wake you up from your sleep, and it is probably true to assume that most children and adults have had nightmares at some time in their lives. To most of us, a nightmare is a short-lived unpleasant experience that occurs every now and again and it is something more of an annoyance than any real problem; but to many people, nightmares are dreams that cause intense fear and anxiety and are often found in anxious people who have had their sense of security threatened and become much more significant in that person’s life.


Nightmares may be triggered by major psychological traumas, such as those experienced by patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which has occurred after a serious accident, rape, or a horrific scene such as experienced by soldiers in wars. Stress and / or PTSD are thought to be the most common cause of nightmares. A continual bombardment of nightmares, sometimes several per night, can cause our stress levels to climb rapidly and then even small problems in life escalate to major stressful problems. The culmination of severe stress is a mental breakdown where a person cannot cope with anything, by which time they need professional help and care.


Panic attacks may occur during sleep in patients with panic disorder, anxiety, or depression and are experienced as nightmares. They can be stimulated by anxiety during the day, highly emotional events, and by anti-depressant drugs. Nightmare disorder, which is also called dream anxiety disorder, is characterized by the occurrence of repeated dreams during which the sleeper feels threatened and frightened. Such symptoms of fear or anxiety as increased heart rate, dilated pupils, and sweating are not as dramatic in patients with nightmare disorder as they are in patients experiencing sleep terrors. You should see a sleep specialist if your nightmares cause you great anxiety or often disrupt your sleep.

How to Deal with Nightmares

Certainly by reducing the stress in our lives by techniques such as yoga, meditation, going out for long walks, and adjusting our diet to cut back on sugars, fats, caffeine, and alcohol, the nightmares will become less frequent and we can start to feel more in control of our lives again. There are many ways of relieving distress from a nightmare, such as writing it down or thinking of a happy ending to the dream. Talking can resolve stressful issues and keep them from building up in a person’s mind.

Imagery rehearsal therapy for chronic nightmares in sexual assault survivors with PTSD is said to be quite effective – the affected person actively tries to think about the nightmare while they are awake, and alter parts of that nightmare in their thoughts and by repeating this many times, the mind starts to be retrained in its recollection of the trauma.

Quit Smoking The Natural Way

Nowadays you can find many products that help people stop smoking. While these products may look convincing to the inexperienced eye, the truth is some work, but most don’t. Many people don’t realize that sometimes the best way to quit smoking is by using natural ways.

Here’s a list of proven natural ways to give up smoking for good:

1. Support Groups

A support group can be the most natural way people can find to help them quit anything really, not just smoking. Anyone from family to close friends can be part of this support group, people who have the same problem you have or people who had the problem in the past and are now “cured.” Usually when you go out with friends to have a drink, you feel the need to smoke. So go out, plan activities with your group, relax and help each other not smoke.

2. Hypnotherapy

A big problem that stop smoking products can’t fix is the mental addiction. They focus on giving you replacements to smoking but don’t handle the psychological part. This is where hypnotherapy comes in.

The patient sits comfortably in a sofa while the therapist, who may even play some music to further relax the patient, tries to cure his mental dependency.

3. Cold Turkey

This method is probably the best-known natural way of giving up smoking. In theory the process is very simple, the idea being to quit smoking without any help from any type of products whatsoever. It can be a difficult process that requires strong will power to reach the goal. The smoker must totally quit smoking and is challenged to do so without even any psychological help.

It is recommended you drink a lot of fluids like water or juice in order to avoid the temptation to put a cigarette in your mouth. Another useful thing you could do that will surely help a lot is to constantly stay busy, with your work or spending quality time with your family so that you get smoking off your mind.

So there you go, these are three effective natural ways to quit smoking, and while there may very well be other ways out there, it is strongly recommend that you start with these three as you are not at a risk of any secondary effects compared to using many of the products currently on the market.

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